histoires concrètes – P.A.I.R. Ambonezenbosje, Oldambt.


histoires concrètes

histoires concrètes is a project realised by louie+jesse in Peergoup’s P.A.I.R. – a temporary residence for artists, it consists of two six-metre containers where the artists lived and worked for one month (November 15 – December 12) seeing through the harsh winter conditions in the fantastically unforgiving C.C. Polder near the village of Finsterwolde. louie+jesse welcomed on average two visits a day from members of the local community who shared their stories and anecdotes.

louie+jesse were situated next to the Ambonezenbosje, an area which has seen Nazi collaborators, the mudworking poldermen and the Ambonezenkamp. The consensual ordering and understanding of these events can be seen to make up the grand narrative. Those who took their time to visit the P.A.I.R, to give their warmth and share part of themselves, their stories, made up the localised narratives; the communist vagrant who drunkenly fell into a river and died, the spirits in the bosje…

louie+jesse took the clay, an infinite feature of the area, and moulded the figures into a series of vignettes that manifest the stories which were shared by the local community. A 23 minute sound work composed of field recordings from the locality accompanied the clay sculptures.

The poem featured in the piece was written by Aly Freije: http://www.taalpalet.nl/index_bestanden/Page342.htm

The following photos show the degradation of the clay moulds two months later:

Thanks to Peter Buiter for these photos.

RTV Noord news report:

More information about the residency at the peergroup website: http://www.peergroup.nl/pair/louiejesse-ambonezenbosje/


One Response to “histoires concrètes – P.A.I.R. Ambonezenbosje, Oldambt.”

  1. Henry J.Alles Says:

    This is a nice way to share! I like the palm-tree pic, I am thinking of using it maybe in the text since i mention it in my writing about the project, greetings Henry

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