Re-P.A.I.R. – Ambonezenbosje, Oldambt.


the nsb camp, 1945-1950 - just one of the many histories in cc polder.

There is a kind of science fiction in standing on reclaimed land, this feeling is further pronounced when standing in Carel Coenraadpolder. The face of the landscape surrounding Ambonezenbosje speaks very little of its strange history, you could be forgiven for thinking it were unblemished.

Stories from the past (some well known, some less known) confront the present which introducing a difficult ontological issue concerning abstract and concrete reality – suspend your disbelief and reconcile the abstract past which can no longer to be seen in the concrete present. So when I am walking around Ambonezenbosje and the location near the dyke I am mostly in awe or sighing.

a still from the poldermen sequence of the film

louie+jesse returned to the Ambonezenbosje, CC Polder, Oldambt, living in the P.A.I.R. containers for one month in July 2011 to resume the investigation they began in November/December 2010. This time around louie+jesse worked extensively in collaboration with the Moluccan community in Foxhol and Hoogezand-Sappemeer – with those who were the former inhabitants of the Ambonezenkamp in CC Polder – and with the residents of Hongerige Wolf and other surrounding villages to create a film, a creative response to the history of the Ambonezenbosje and the surrounding location.

a still from the film about the ambonezenkamp

A rough cut of the film was produced and shown on the day of the final presentation on the 30th July 2011 in a cinema in the Ambonezenbosje itself. During the 30th and 31st of July, the Moluccan Community in Foxhol and Hoogezand-Sappemeer presented a series of old photographs documenting the Ambonzenkamp and the surrounding location, the photographs were placed in the Ambonzenbosje, in places where they could have been originally taken. To see the interaction between different people and communities who have a connection to the Ambonezenbosje come together for the final presentation was truly moving. The warmth of the people we worked with will stay with us for a very long time.

louie+jesse will present the final cut of the film in the near future – more information/documentation to come.

More Re-P.A.I.R information
Project Flyer


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