histoires concrètes

histoires concrètes is a project realised by louie+jesse in Peergoup’s P.A.I.R. – a temporary residence for artists, it consists of two six-metre containers where the artists lived and worked for one month (November 15 – December 12) seeing through the harsh winter conditions in the fantastically unforgiving C.C. Polder near the village of Finsterwolde. louie+jesse welcomed on average two visits a day from members of the local community who shared their stories and anecdotes.

louie+jesse were situated next to the Ambonezenbosje, an area which has seen Nazi collaborators, the mudworking poldermen and the Ambonezenkamp. The consensual ordering and understanding of these events can be seen to make up the grand narrative. Those who took their time to visit the P.A.I.R, to give their warmth and share part of themselves, their stories, made up the localised narratives; the communist vagrant who drunkenly fell into a river and died, the spirits in the bosje…

louie+jesse took the clay, an infinite feature of the area, and moulded the figures into a series of vignettes that manifest the stories which were shared by the local community. A 23 minute sound work composed of field recordings from the locality accompanied the clay sculptures.

The poem featured in the piece was written by Aly Freije: http://www.taalpalet.nl/index_bestanden/Page342.htm

The following photos show the degradation of the clay moulds two months later:

Thanks to Peter Buiter for these photos.

RTV Noord news report:

More information about the residency at the peergroup website: http://www.peergroup.nl/pair/louiejesse-ambonezenbosje/


Reason Most Absurd

Installation with multi-channel sound

An unsettling and atmospheric audiovisual meditation on being driven ‘up the wall’, through the lens of Shakespeare’s depictions of insanity.  From Hamlet’s enigmatic ramblings on the ramparts, to Lady Macbeth sleepwalking the castle, Shakespeare’s ‘madness’ is a dichotomy, not merely a loss of control but often a symbol of maverick action in a disturbed world.

Reason Most Absurd was created in collaboration with visual artist Jessica Mautner and was produced for the Up The Wall festival 2010 which took place over two evenings in and around the Roman Chester Gardens. More information: http://www.chesterperforms.com/Content/ProjectArchive/UptheWall2010Programme1.aspx


Audio sample (from one of the tubes):

Metres and metres of tubing carry sounds from one place in the building to another, the sound of visitors washing their hands in the bathroom coming out of one tube, the sound of a lone person walking through another part of the building in another. The tubes disappear and reappear through the many holes in the floors, ceilings and other areas, not limited by rooms or straight walls, some paths traceable and some unclear. During the exhibition, the tubes played prerecorded sounds taken from in and around the building in the weeks prior to the opening night.

This installation was created in collaboration with Jessica Mautner as louie+jesse for the Ganze/Teile exhibition which took place at Am Treptower Park 28-30 (Schuckert Höfe)  /  12435 Berlin from the 17th July to the 8th August 2010.

More information about the exhibition and some photos at the following website:


300-room residence, sea views, great security…

“Dover Immigration Removal Centre is run by HM Prison Service. It occupies a historical site on top of the cliffs with views across the docks.” (UK Border Agency website). Where is home when your family’s lives are threatened by their neighbours? “We give them a cup of tea when they arrive” (The Guardian, report on Campsfield House) Where is home when you are taken from your friends, relatives and job and thrown in a prison by the country you have lived in for years? “They are like ghosts, moved without warning or explanation across the country in the dead of night, transported in unmarked vans. A silent cargo.” (Herald Scotland, Life Inside Dungavel) Why is home geographically located? “Compounds are designed so detainees can look only inwards and up at the sky, not out to the horizon.” (Sydney Morning Herald on Baxter detention centre). What is a nation and why should home be defined by it? “Outside there is a courtyard with concrete walls and floor, a few plastic chairs. The guards oversee it all through glass doors and large observation windows.” (Life inside an Australian refugee detention centre, wsws.org) Who creates or denies home? “At night the guards come every half hour, flashing their torches into sleepers’ faces. By day there is nowhere to go and little to do. There is no air, no trees, no grass. No interpreters are allowed. In Port Hedland, there are coffin cells, which are tiny compartments without any window, where there is no difference between night and day.” (wsws.org). Who has the right to tell someone to ‘go home’?

300-room residence, sea views, great security… was performed by Caylin Rose Janet in collaboration with louie+jesse at Home Sweet Home International Video Art & Performance Festival, Werkstatt der Kulturen on the 9th July 2010.

good vibrations

speakers, cotton thread, metal

Two large speakers face each other, connected by innumerable delicate black threads, which span the space between them. The threads vibrate, creating wave patterns. In the centre of the space between, a quivering gold wedding band draws the threads together. The closer to the ring, the stiller the threads, the closer to the speaker, the more wildly they move. The vibration is created by a pure tone played through the speakers that is below the range of human hearing, so the sculpture is ‘silent’, though anyone near who stands still for a time will be able to feel the unheard sound.


video, miniDV. six minutes and twenty one seconds.

Deleuze and Guattari in their book A Thousand Plateaus wrote a chapter titled November 28, 1947: How Do You Make Yourself a Body Without Organs? You might say it is about going beyond human, relearning our bodies, what happens when you sew up your asshole along with the rest of your orifices? I didn’t sew up my asshole, but I did something almost as crude by conflating Deleuze and Guattari’s plane of consistency with mixer feedback and sine waves.

These pieces were created in 2010 during a three-month residency in Berlin at GlogauAIR studios where I collaborated with Jessica Mautner (as louie+jesse). they were exhibited at GlogauAIR on the 26th and 27th of March 2010.

Open studios and exhibition of work created over three months by international artists in residence at GlogauAIR in Berlin.

Friday 26th March: Vernissage 7pm-10pm + afterparty
including performances and film screenings.

Sat 27th March: Open 3pm-9pm

Address: Glogauerstrasse 16, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin.

Artists: louie+jesse / bruno olle / melissa ramos / sidonie zouzou roberts / kuno m. ebert / gabriel dufour laperriere / mit borras / hannelore van dijck / ruth murray / oliver roura

No It’s Not


No It’s Not is a 4 min structured improvisation using field recordings, radio and delay pedals. It was featured on the 4th IHM compilation which contains several brilliant contributions from other improvisers and composers, you can listen to it in its entirety here: